Check the sugar level in your cereal

It’s simple… sugar causes body fat, and there’s a ton of it hiding in most breakfast cereals these days. These 4 “bad choices” are just an example. Be sure to check the labels and choose brands of cereals that are lower than 5 grams per servings. (And hide the table sugar from the family.) Is #3 a surprise to you?

Belly Bulging Cereals

1. Fiber One Raisin Bran Clusters contains 13g of sugar per serving and it contains high fructose corn syrup.

2. Raisin Bran Crunch contains a whopping 20g of sugar per serving (and by the way, that’s only one cup and many people put in at least two cups for their cereal amount) and it also contains high fructose corn syrup listed three different times on the label within other ingredients!

3. Quaker’s Instant Oatmeal Maple and Brown Sugar Flavor contains 12g of sugar per packet.

4. Crunch N Munch’s Buttery Toffee Popcorn with Peanuts contains 13g of sugar per serving, with its first ingredient being sugar, and its second ingredient being corn syrup, with partially hydrogenated oils close behind.

(I threw in a box of Crunch ‘N Munch into this list of bad morning cereal choices to see if you were paying attention, but the funny thing is that a few of these cereal choices are actually worse for you than having Buttery Toffee Crunch ‘N Munch in the morning!)

How much sugar per servings do the cereals in your kitchen contain? And in case you aren’t aware, beyond expanding your waistline, sugar can also have a pretty devastating  health consequence:

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Josh Bezoni
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