Iodine Supplementation-get the facts before you consider taking Iodine

Your health is adversely affected by many things… and especially so by the imbalance between the halogens bromine, chlorine, fluorine and Iodine in our bodies.

  • Bromine is added to bakery good, soft-drinks, medications and is present in numerous pesticides. It, also, out-gases from plastics. 
  • Chlorine and fluorine are added to water and toothpaste. 
Upon entering our bodies, these harmful halogens block the uptake of iodine and prevent absolutely essential membrane transport and hormone actions performed by Iodine in our cells.

Because Iodine is virtually absent from North American soils, up to 96 percent of Americans are moderately to severely deficient in Iodine.The bottom line of this deficiency and imbalance is low energy, weight gain, mental slowness, depressed immune function and more rapid aging.

The most important way to avoid the bad consequences of Iodine insufficiency and blocked action in our cells by other halogens is to to take 1 to 3 drops of Magnascent Iodine several times a day.

  • Magnascent Iodine is a patented product (one of a kind product) – Iodine atoms held apart by magnetic forces in liquid suspension.
  • Magnascent Iodine is the exact form of iodine (single atoms that are not part of any compound) utilized in the thyroid and membranes and receptors of the body.
  • Magnascent Iodine remains active for three hours in the body after being consumed during which time it will work to replace bromine, fluorine and chlorine and perform its vital functions.
Unfortunately, some people have become afraid of iodine supplementation because of iodine allergies that have been reported in regard to iodine dyes or shellfish toxins.

These fears need to be replaced by understanding. Iodine dyes and shellfish toxins are unrelated to elemental iodine.

Everyone ought to understand that there is no true allergy to elemental iodine. Iodine is essential to life. You can’t live without it. If you have less of it, than your body needs, your quality of health is affected adversely. If you have no Iodine, you are dead. As with anything (including water), there are limits to reasonable consumption of Iodine. And, just as a person who has become severely dehydrated shouldn’t drink a large amount of water all at once, a person who is deficient in Iodine should also start with a small amount of Iodine and build up the dosage slowly (so that detoxing occurs slowly).

What you can expect from Magnscent Iodine supplementation:

  • Rate of detoxification of the body will increase, including removal of bromine, fluorine and chlorine.
  • Nutrient utilization (especially mineral absorption) will improve.
  • Hormone response will improve.
  • Energy levels will increase.
  • Brain activity will increase (don’t take it late at night or your brain will be solving world problems all night).
Magnascent Iodine is a significant product. It is in the category of musts… like Vitamin D3, Probiotics, Minerals, Zeolite and PEOs.
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